Welcome to the St Michael’s Churchyard Prayer Walk.

In these times when going into church can be more difficult, we have designed a prayer walk which you can do either in person or virtually.

In person

Either download the Prayer Walk guide here or pick up a leaflet from church.

On the leaflet there is an outline map and a reflection to help you pray at each stop.

The prayer walk starts at the driveway to the church and finishes at the prayer tree. At the prayer tree there is an opportunity to add to the prayers that are hanging on the tree (it will all become clear when you get there!) If you would like to take part in this, then please take one of the brown bags, which will be with the leaflets.


Recognising that it is not always possible to get to the church, then you can still do the prayer walk. Below are 8 videos and reflections. The words to the reflections are on the Prayer Walk guide

We recommend you do the walk in order but this is not essential. Also, it does not need to be done all in one go, so feel free to come and go as best suits you.

The prayer walk is an opportunity to give time to God, to meditate on his word, pray and listen.

We hope you will find the sights and sounds of this place, where Christians have worshiped together for over 1500 years, a blessing.