At St Michael's we celebrate marriage as a gift from God. We love to marry couples and celebrate the union of two people who have decided to commit to each other in marriage. If you would like to be married at St Michael's please get in touch and we will talk through your requirements and expectations. 

Early on in the year, we hold a wedding preparation evening for those who are getting married in that year. This is a great time to look at marriage, your wedding, meet the minster who will be marrying you, and chat through some of the practicalities. 

The Church of England has a brilliant website with useful information about weddings, and what you can expect from a wedding at an Anglican Church. You can find it here at yourchurchwedding.org/


Through baptism we celebrate life and welcome God's children (whatever their age) into His family, the Church. We acknowledge the sinful nature of humanity and use the symbolism of water to show that through knowing Jesus and following him, this sin can be forgiven and washed away. 

For infants, their parents, godparents, and the Church make promises to bring up that child to know about Jesus, so that they can make a decision to follow Him when they are older.


For adults, baptism symbolises the commitment that they have already made and their baptism is a public declaration of this. If they have been baptised as an infant, baptism is seen as a symbolic renewal of those original promises.

If you are considering baptism (christening) for your child(ren) or as an adult, do get in touch.

We hold a monthly baptism preparation evening where you can come and explore more about what baptism means, what the service will be like, and how you can encourage an ongoing growth in faith.


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